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Testimonials from parents and players who have worked with Randy Livingston and LivOn Basketball.

“Randy provided advice to us at key stages in the recruiting process. He is highly knowledgable about College recruiting and has been very professional in all our communications.”
Darren Smith, father of Alanna Smith, signed with Stanford (Division I), Class of 2015

“The Froling Family are all into Basketball in a big way in Australia but not totally across the US college System. Randy Livingston was great value in keeping us informed on how things work and informing us on all the important aspects of the College system including the value of education in the different programs which was important to us. Randy has a great knowledge of the US Basketball scene and great contacts within Colleges and Universities and was always willing to advise us on any questions we had in trying to find programs fitting our values for our daughters Keely and Alicia to visit.”
Shane and Jenny Froling, parents of Keely and Alicia Froling, attending SMU (Division I), Class of 2014

“Randy has been working with our son Callum for some time, offering individual training sessions and mentoring, aimed at preparing him for the transition to U.S. College basketball. The intensive individualised training program Randy provided definitely helped improve Callum’s physique and skill level, as well as making him mentally tougher, ensuring he was ready to make the best possible impression when it counted. Randy also undertook an Academic Evaluation for Callum and provided us with valuable advice on requirements for gaining NCAA eligibility. Through working with Randy, Callum received a broader range of higher quality offers and we had the luxury of choosing the best school for Callum. We’re thrilled with the results. The most impressive thing we encountered in the time we have been dealing with Randy is the friendly and approachable manner that he conducts his business. Always professional with an impressive resume of experience and contacts, but always generous with his time and advice. ‘Service second to none’.”
Allan Barker, father of Callum Barker, committment coming soon (Division I), Class of 2015

“Randy is very trustworthy and engaging. He gained my trust because he always has Keanu’s best interests at heart. He has become a big brother figure to Keanu and is able to support Keanu through all the contacts and support networks he has in the US.”
Tracey Smith, mother of Keanu Pinder, committed to Nebraska (Division I)

“The hardest part is that in Australia we really don’t understand the Amercian college system, the differences between Division I and Division II and that sort of stuff. Randy’s assistance was to get Jessie’s name out to the right schools and having people contacting Jessie. Using the LivOn Basketball Pathway service is great because of Randy’s contacts and ability to know which level of school fits the each particular player. It will for sure enhance your son or daughter’s chances of getting a the highest level scholarship possible.”
Craig Edwards, father of Jessie Edwards, signed with Minnesota (Division I), Class of 2015

“I worked with Randy to devise the best strategy for getting my son, Tad Junior, a Division I scholarship. In Tad’s case, the best route was via a Junior College where he is working hard to improve his grades while continuing to advance his basketball prowess. Tad has already attracted the attention of several top rate Div I schools and we feel confident that he will have great options when he is eligible to transfer next year. We are also grateful that Randy selected Tad to play on his team at the adidas Nations Global tournament in California where Tad was matched up with some of the best players in the world and our U.S. based family were able to come and watch him play.”
Tad Dufelmeier Snr, father of Tad Dufelmeier Jnr, attending SLCC, Class of 2014

“Randy does not take a scatter-gun approach, blasting player profiles to every school under the sun, which might create a lot of noise but does not necessarily result in identifying the best matched situation to your child’s objectives and your family’s needs. Randy worked with us to carefully match Clae’s playing ability and academic status with the right school and coach for him. Clae’s game has improved tremendously since he moved to the States and we are very pleased he obtained a full scholarship to a great school.”
Clifton Martin, father of Clae Martin, signed with Baker University (NAIA), Class of 2015

“We sent our son Cameron to Randy for his individual Player Development Program a couple of times. After first evaluating Cameron’s strength’s and points for improvement, Randy tailored the sessions specifically to maximise Cameron’s performance and prepare him for the faster paced U.S. game. Having someone of Randy’s calibre, with experience playing Point Guard in the NBA, has been invaluable in developing Cameron’s Point Guard skills. We have also worked closely with Randy to find a terrific trainer in the U.S., as well as a suitable prep school for Cameron as a stepping stone for gaining the best possible College offers.”
Mike and Heidi Healy, parents of Cameron Healy, Class of 2017

“Randy Livingston had a great positive impact on me as a player. He pointed things out during the game and watched video with me after all the games. It really helped me out a lot.”
Ben Gordon, Chicago Bulls, 2004-2009

“I felt like a professional after going through a month of pre-Draft training with Randy. We worked on conditioning, footwork, ball handling and shooting. He has a clear understanding of what NBA teams are looking for and most importantly all my Draft workouts were comfortable because I had drilled them over and over with Randy.”
Tyrus Thomas, 4th overall pick, 2006 NBA Draft

“I was fortunate to be coached by Randy Livingston at a time when I really needed help to advance in my career. Training with Randy enhanced my knowledge of how to be  a true point guard. He molded me into knowing how to play winning basketball.”
Cedric Jackson, NBL Champion, 2012 , 2013 and 2014, MVP of the Grand Finals 2015

Testimonial from Cedric Jackson
Cedric Jackson of the NZ Breakers, wearing his LivOn Basketball jacket.