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Outstanding basketball coaching
from the best in the business.

Does your son or daughter need some special attention to take his or her performance to the next level? Are you looking for a skills development camp to improve your child’s performance in the next school holidays? Does your club want to perform better this season than it did last season? Are you a pro team or player wanting to take your game to the next level?
Randy Livingston demonstrates outstanding basketball coaching in the NBA Development League

Coaching Options

LivOn Basketball offers a range of coaching services to improve performance in all aspects of the game. These are listed here and set out in more detail below:

  • Individual Training
  • Small & Large Team Training
  • Residential Player Development
  • Point Guard Skills Development
  • Speaking Appearances
  • Coach-the-Coaches Workshops
  • Pro Player Draft Preparation

Be coached by a legend

During his 10 plus years as a professional journeyman Randy played with several NBA teams including the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz. During that time, Randy was coached by some of the legends of basketball including Jerry Sloan, Gregg Popovich, Rudy Tomjanovich, Nate McMillan and Larry Brown. After retiring from playing professional basketball, Randy transitioned to coaching, including four years in the NBA Development League, multiple adidas Nations tournaments, NBA Summer Leagues and being an on-court coach with USA Basketball in their preparation for the 2011 Pan-American Games.


Individual Training

Whether you are an elite amateur, playing professionally or just someone who likes the dedicated attention personal training gives you, this is the option for you. Randy will undertake an evaluation before commencing Individual Training to understand and agree your objectives and set reachable goals. You will be periodically evaluated to ensure effective progress.

Small & Large Team Training

Small group training is aimed at groups of 3 to 6 players with a common objective, for example, preparation for try-outs or an upcoming tournament. Large Group and Team Training is ideal for groups of 7 – 20 or teams that want to take their game to the next level. Large Group Training tends to use station-based drills, plus focused team-building activities.

Residential Player Development

The LivOn Basketball residential Player Development Programs offer a unique experience where young upcoming players (typically 15 to 19 year olds) are immersed in an intensive basketball training environment for a two to five day period. These programs are ideal for players who are preparing for a major event, tour or tournament, or getting ready to go to College, or simply anyone wanting individual training that extends beyond court drills to look at all aspects of player development.

These programs comprise of a series of training sessions that can cover skills development, strength/conditioning and agility workouts, game video analysis and performance nutrition. The player “lives in” and participates in basketball activities several times per day. When time permits, we also include beach runs and sightseeing to complement the intensive basketball program.

Point Guard Randy Livingston received outstanding basketball coaching during his 10+ year NBA career

Point Guard Skills Development

What separates the great point guards from the average ones? Current and future Hall of Fame point guards like John Stockton, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Chris Paul all display distinctive qualities that make them outstanding. We will teach players in the point guard role the skills and techniques used by professional point guards to become formidable individual performers and outstanding contributors to their teams. Point guard skills development can be delivered either as a camp or in a one-on-one situation. Individual point guard skills development is highly suitable for professional and semi-professional players, however anyone wanting to advance their point guard skills or leadership on the court will benefit.

Speaking Appearances

Randy brings his powerful personal story and outstanding knowledge of elite basketball to audiences around the world. Randy is also available as an event host and MC.

Topics Randy covers includes:

  • His story of growing up in inner city New Orleans.
  • His journey up the ranks of high school and college basketball.
  • His setbacks through injury and the tough road back.
  • Being drafted in the NBA and his career as a journeyman.
  • Transitioning to professional coaching.
  • Building a business of basketball.

Randy also shares his key lessons learned along the way: to persevere in the face of adversity, to believe in yourself and in your team, to guard your reputation, be mindful of the company you keep and to stay focused on your goals.

Randy urges all players and coaches to think professionally about their basketball career, regardless of whether they are playing professionally or still making their way up the ranks. Randy challenges all young players to make basketball their business.

Coach-the-Coaches Workshops

LivOn Basketball offers a range of coach-the-coaches services to help coaches deliver better and more consistent results. Choose from half-day Masterclasses, 1 day Coaching Clinics, 2 day Weekend Workshops or 5 day Coaching Mastery Courses. We also offer one-on-one Professional Mentoring for coaches and motivational talks for teams, coaches and players.

We tailor-make each workshop to the needs of your organisation using our own “Curriculum Builder” containing over 50 module choices that we use to construct your workshop program. We have recommended module combinations for different levels of experience or you can choose your own combination of topics. As an example, each weekend course covers 16 modules (8 per day).

This service includes:

  • Meeting prior to the workshop to understand your goals.
  • Designing a bespoke curriculum to suit the needs of your club.
  • Preparation of materials for your curriculum.
  • Printed curriculum materials for each coach in attendance.
  • Delivery of the curriculum in person by Randy Livingston.
  • Certificate of Completion for each coach in attendance.
Randy Livingston trains the 4th overall Draft pick in 2006. This is an example of the outstanding basketball coaching available through LivOn Basketball.

Pro Player Draft Preparation

Randy Livingston has experience working with pro-potential players through his long-standing association with adidas Nations and the NBA Development League. In those capacities he has worked with a range of players including: Derrick RoseRussell WestbrookKevin LoveBrook LopezJared Sullinger, and Cedric Jackson. Randy also worked one-on-one with Tyrus Thomas to prepare him for the 2006 NBA Draft, where he was drafted as the 4th overall pick. Special situations, like designing a tailored program to prepare a player for the NBA Draft, will be assessed and planned on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in any of the above coaching options.