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2015 NBA Summer League
July 26, 2015

Randy Livingston Coaches with the Milwaukee Bucks

Randy Livingston coaches for the Milwaukee Bucks during a Summer League game.
Sean Sweeney, Bucks’ Summer League Head Coach, coaching with Randy Livingston.

Current Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd and Randy Livingston go way back. In 1992 they were named co-Players of the Year as the two top high school players in the USA. They also played together in Phoenix for the Suns in 1999 and 2000. So when it became time for Kidd to form his 2015 NBA Summer League staff, he looked Livingston’s way.

Livingston gladly accepted the role as Assistant Coach with Milwaukee for the mid-Summer NBA event held in Las Vegas. The opportunity to be immersed in a basketball setting such as NBA Summer League is an optimal opportunity for those connected to the game. Livingston helped coach the young Milwaukee Bucks group of players in Las Vegas, and spoke to the benefit of participating with the club prior to his upcoming Adidas Nations schedule.

“To have the opportunity to learn Milwaukee’s system and be able to implement some of those plays with my own team at Adidas Nations is huge. It is a great chance for me to learn more about coaching and basketball period. The NBA Summer League is a great meeting place for everyone looking to network and learn more about the game, I’m thankful to Jason [Kidd] for inviting me to join the team and help teach his guys while watching some of the world’s top level talent play here in Las Vegas,” Livingston said.

Randy with one of the Bucks' rising stars.
Randy with Giannis Antetokounmpoone, one of the Bucks’ rising stars.

During his stint at Summer League Livingston worked with a long list of notable Milwaukee Bucks players including rookie Rashad Vaughn, Jorge Gutierrez, Sean Kilpatrick, Kevin Jones, Cameron ClarkMichael Eric and Giannis Antekounmpoone A.K.A. ‘The Greek Freak’.

Kidd appointed Sean Sweeney as the head coach for the 2015 Milwaukee Bucks Summer League squad. Sweeney was an assistant for Kidd when he was head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Sweeney explained the positive impact Livingston had on his team while in Las Vegas. “Randy is a winner, and a true professional. It is good for our guys to be around that. At the end of the day you want to be surrounded by winners. Randy’s experience at the professional level is a great teaching tool, he is able to connect with our guys and teach them about his experiences and how he views the game as a former player,” Sweeney explained.

Randy caught up with Australia's own Cameron Bairstow of the Chicago Bulls.
Randy caught up with Australia’s own Cameron Bairstow of the Chicago Bulls.

Sweeney continued, “I think Randy is great for our team out here and will be great for future teams as a coach. He has all the abilities you look for.”

Livingston took the opportunity of being in Las Vegas to catch up with Aussie phenom Cameron Bairstow of the Chicago Bulls who was enjoying his Summer League experience. Cameron is a fan of the talent coming from Australia and said there are several high school players coming up the ranks with NBA potential.

Surely, the time spent in and around the Milwaukee Bucks organization while in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League was worthwhile, and is yet another benchmark for Livingston’s non-playing career. As a committed individual looking to expand his knowledge of the sport, and further his connections ever more (including at the NBA level), Livingston will be able to draw from this experience like he has been able to do in his career time and time again as a player, coach, and now business owner.

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