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2017 LivOn Basketball Championships Tour to the USA

Registration for this tour is NOW OPEN

Registration is now open for the 2017 LivOn Basketball Championships Tour, which will take place 23 July to 1 August, 2017. Checkout this video from last year's tour to get a taste of what a LivOn Basketball tour is like. Think: ENERGY! IMPACT! ACTION!

Our 2017 LivOn Basketball Tour gives players the opportunity to play at the prestigious "ADIDAS Summer Championships Tournament" taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the last week of July. Yes! Summer means the U.S. summer! You will gain exposure to the hundreds of U.S. College coaches from every level who attended the tournament. The BEST players from the ADIDAS Summer Championships tournament will have the opportunity to STAY in the USA and play as part of Team Asia Pacific at the highly coveted invitation-only adidas Nations tournament the following week. (NOTE: ADIDAS Nations is an invitation-only event. Attending our tour does not guarantee a place on the Nations team, however it does give you a chance to be invited.) Want to join our tour? Or just want more information? Email us at info@livonbasketball.com

The Summer Champs Experience

The ADIDAS Summer Championships tournament is one of the top tournaments in the USA for high school players. It is the culmination of the AAU calendar for many of the best high school teams in the country. The most important element of the LivOn Basketball Tour experience is the exposure gained to hundreds of U.S. college coaches who come to watch the tournament from all Division levels. There is no better place to be seen than this tournament if your aim is to gain a scholarship to play basketball in the USA. All of our players from the 2016 tour enjoyed increased attention from college coaches after attending the LivOn tour and many of them have obtained scholarships.

The Nations Experience

Please note that some of the players attending the LivOn Basketball Tour to Las Vegas will ALSO be attending ADIDAS Nations in Houston 2-7 August. ADIDAS Nations is an invitation-only event for the top tier of high school basketball players from around the world. Several players from the Centre of Excellence in Canberra will be playing on our ADIDAS Nations team. As in past years, there is a possibility that one or two players who perform exceptionally well in the ADIDAS Summer Championships tournament will be selected to join the ADIDAS Nations portion of the tour. In the event that this happens, all costs associated with the additional stay including hotel, food and travel to and from Houston will be covered.

Key Dates

  • 23 July 2017: Fly Sydney to Los Angeles. Clear Customs in LA. Travel to Las Vegas by mini vans. Arrive at Las Vegas Hotel, check in and get situated.
  • 24-25 July 2017: Two practices per day at a local high school. One team building dinner on The Strip in Las Vegas.
  • 26-30 July 2017: adidas Summer Championships tournament playing some of the best high school-aged teams in the U.S.A. We have also scheduled time to visit at least one university, one shopping trip, and one excursion. More activities will be scheduled if the teams bow out of the tournament early.
  • 30 July 2017: Return to Los Angeles to depart home.
  • 1 August 2017: Arrive in Sydney, Australia. Interstate players must clear Customs prior to catching their connecting flights to their home city destinations.